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A Modest Proposal for the Presidential Library of Donald J. Trump.

 I was reading the latest fiascos of Donald J. Trump and his aversion to showing reverence to the troops at cemeteries...when it gave me an idea that I think all red-blooded Americans can get behind and support. To set the stage, we need to go back in history and see how other presidential estates have been turned into libraries, or cemeteries . In particular, it's educational to learn about what happened to Robert E. Lee's  estate in Arlington, Virginia. He inherited this estate from George Washington's adopted grandson. After the civil war, the United States seized the land for non-payment of back taxes (they didn't pay their property tax during the civil war...) then they turned Lee's front porch into a war memorial and a military cemetery. And they wouldn't pardon him, either. Lee went to his deathbed still a fervent white supremacists to the ends of his days. And we rewarded him by taking away his land and turning it into a cemetery to honor those he had he
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What's Wrong With California? Utter Failure in Handling COVID-19 Pandemic in the US

China eradicated the virus in 90 days and it's economy is up and running again. South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and many other countries have eliminated the virus and restarted their economies.  Europe's death rate and case rate is continuing to go towards zero and it's economy has started to reopen. This is not the case in United States?  What is wrong with the United States? Is it the same thing that was wrong with Kansas ? [6] Even worse: what's wrong with California? Is it really too many Covidiots? Methinks the data speaks for itself. And the data says yes. COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in California [5] California thought it was doing all the right things. We had a plan. It was all going to be over before the leaves turned orange. We were going to open up very slowly and carefully... but we never got the deaths low enough, or the cases low enough to ensure that the virus would be eradicated, so it isn't. The crazy thing about this is that we kno

Quantum Mechanics is weirder than you think. It might be weirder than anyone can think.

Reflections on " Experimental rejection of observer-independence in the quantum world " and an updated version " Experimental test of local observer-independence ". Are we quantum mechanical or not? This paper basically proves that the famous Schrodinger's cat experiment , which says the cat is a quantum mechanical wave function is correct. The cat is actually in an entangled state which means the cat is alive and dead at the same time. That's pretty weird! But we an make it even  weirder! Imagine, if you will, [1] that you are taking the place of Schrodinger's cat. We don't want to kill you so we'll modify the experiment in line with Deutsch's proposal and Wigner's interpretation. [2] The experiment performed above is exactly Deutsch's proposal and the result is that yes, you as the observer are in a superposition of quantum states. What is you in that previous statement? You only ever remember one set of events. You never have

A modest proposal to end the Flat Earth Society and put Silicon Valley on the map.

Flat Wron g the end piece in Scientific American, in the latest issue (May 2020) got me to thinking about how we could just end this idiocy that leads to many, many people being driven into believing obviously fallacious conspiracy theories. Did we actually go to the moon? (hint: we did.)  Was Obama born in Hawaii? (hint: yes.)  Is he Muslim? (hint: no.)  Is QAnon saying anything that's true? (hint: no.)  Are the Jews trying to take over the world (hint: no.) Are aliens here? (hint: no.) Do humans cause Global Warming? (hint: yes.) Have the Clintons murdered tens of people? (hint: no.) Did the Russians help the Trump campaign? (hint: yes.) Yada, yada, yada. We can't actually have much proof against most of these fallacies, but the Flat Earth one, we can if we actually get high enough in the atmosphere to see the curvature of the Earth. You will convince some Flat Earthers they are wrong. Most will just come up with some other excuse and continue to try and j

@WSJ Idiocy again: “The Lockdown Rebellion”: No, "The Covidiot Death Parties"

An opinion piece from the @WSJ in their 'main street' section: The Lockdown Rebellion Ordinary Americans protesting to reopen the economy face only contempt from elites. By   William McGurn April 20, 2020 12:40 pm ET —- it’s not a rebellion, it’s a corporate led PR stunt that the @GOP is exploiting. Billionaires are afraid their profits will diminish, they don’t care who dies. This is standard fare in the media ecosystem. You can get what you pay for. Here we go. I'll quote the opinion piece and point out the fallacies. What's the motivation? Who's gaining advantage? Who's financing this? Does it make sense? Who's dying? —- There they go again, ordinary Americans denying science and refusing to defer to their betters. — It starts with the typically sarcastic #FlameAndBlame tactics of the shills of the right. The unwashed masses are great! They can be manipula

Wall St. Journal nails it again! Never listen to the their opinion pages unless you want to see billionaires begging.

Wall St. Journal nails it again! Never listen to the their opinion pages unless you want to see billionaires begging. I've only agreed with three @WSJ opinion pieces in 60 years. Two have come out around the failed Trump presidency. I forget the other one. Just this morning they failed big time again. The WSJ published a hit piece on the Democratic Party and Joe: Joe Biden and the Slow Death of Liberalism Democrats are again choosing a moribund ideology bereft of new ideas. Radicalism beckons. Wherein   Barton Swaim   complains that Democrats forsook the radicals and chose the candidate with the most likely chance to beat Trump. I guess because if they had chosen Bernie Trump had a better chance of winning? The slow death he complains about is that Liberalism has 'nothing new' and is 'rehashing old ideas'.  Like Medicare for All. And he is correct. The Republ