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Is Artificial Intelligence an existential threat?

Is Artificial Intelligence an existential threat? I don't know what an AI (Artificial Intelligence) really is, so I can't figure out if it's an existential, society ending threat to humans. The only way I know to measure intelligence is to pass the Turing test and take an IQ (Intelligence Quotient - powered by a guy  from Stanford) test and pass it indistinguishably from an average human. Something that some people. like Ray Kurzweil, think will happen in 2029 . I do know what ML (Machine Learning) is. It's the capability of taking a set of inputs and making a program to produce a set of desired outputs. You can do this yourself (figure out how to configure up the control module by running a bunch of optimization code on a large set of data.) You could take an  ML MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to learn how to do this, there's one here: Created by:     Stanford University ,  Hosted by: Cousera Taught by: Andrew Ng That ML entity that you build