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The Power of Trump

The Power of Trump. Why fascism is attractive to some voters. Why is religion attractive to some voters? Why are conspiracy theories attractive to some voters? Why is faith praised? Because it serves some human con man somewhere and unless you're the con man, the person it's serving ain't you.  So maybe you might try hiring the best con man around to represent you. You know he's a con man, but he promised to con everyone in your favor! We call that the long con. You join the con and you still get stiffed. Such is life. At least I'm conning everyone else more than I'm getting conned! I have never seen the attractiveness of living in a fascist state where the prosecutorial power of the state was run by a transactional plutocrat who's sole goal was to suck money out of you in return for 'favors.' The most common favor is not getting beaten up or arrested. The money is in the form of donations to the candidates or the parties (limited, attributed) or to