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What's Wrong With California? Utter Failure in Handling COVID-19 Pandemic in the US

China eradicated the virus in 90 days and it's economy is up and running again. South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and many other countries have eliminated the virus and restarted their economies.  Europe's death rate and case rate is continuing to go towards zero and it's economy has started to reopen. This is not the case in United States?  What is wrong with the United States? Is it the same thing that was wrong with Kansas ? [6] Even worse: what's wrong with California? Is it really too many Covidiots? Methinks the data speaks for itself. And the data says yes. COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in California [5] California thought it was doing all the right things. We had a plan. It was all going to be over before the leaves turned orange. We were going to open up very slowly and carefully... but we never got the deaths low enough, or the cases low enough to ensure that the virus would be eradicated, so it isn't. The crazy thing about this is that we kno