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The Final Great Awakening of the Human Race

The Final Great Awakening: Wherein the Human Race Throws Off the Yoke of Suppression of Evolution by Natural Selection, Graduates From Their False Religions and Learns to Live in the Here and the Now, on Their Way to Heaven, Forever and Ever.

The Final Great Awakening.
We have a duty to make it better.

The Final Great Awakening.
You are not alone.

The Final Great Awakening.
Wherein all humans become enlightened whilst the alien killer robots still appear.
The Existential Crises of the Future Human Race.

The Prayer of the Rational Proselytizers

The Final Great Awakening is upon us.
You are responsible for the world.
You must improve it for humanity (your children and your cousins.)
We must throw off the yoke of Evolution by Natural Selection and take control of our future.

Ignoring the grip of the Devil of Evolution by Natural Selection on humanity is evil. Nature is not your friend. The deluded are not your friends. The charlatans are not your friends. Man-made gods are not your friends. [1] Those that force you to use faith instead of reason are not your friends. [2]

Take your inner truth and use it to guide your life of continual service and improvement.
Progress is the only way to get to Heaven and life everlasting.
Forgiveness won't get you to Heaven.
Faith won't get you to Heaven.
Only good works will get you nearer to Heaven.
Only the Great Works will get humanity into Heaven.
Support the Great Works with all your heart and all your mind.

It is time to direct your energies, your morals, and your life into improving the wellbeing of all of God's children. You must have faith that progress towards Heaven is always possible. Heaven is not just a state of mind, it's a real place. It's the place you go after you die. Today Heaven is formless and vague; it is our moral responsibility to create Heaven as we see fit.

There are no excuses. The truth is in front of you. Look into your heart, you can't deny it. The contradictions of the false religions are apparent and obvious. We must seize our own destiny, it has ever been such and it will ever be. Those that direct us to their own ends are nothing but the scourge of the earth, they sacrifice human potential on their own altars of idolatry. Smash the idolaters, obey their false faiths no more. We give reason to the universe, without us, the universe is no more. We must realize our power and our responsibility: cradle the universe carefully and shape it to our own ends.

Together we can spread the word. Together we can change the world. Together we can accomplish anything. Together we are all powerful. We are responsible for our own universe .

Apart we are weak. Apart we can be controlled by the charlatans. Apart we can be driven to hate and self-destruction. Apart is where the evil idolaters want us. Apart is what makes the evil ones strong. Come together, one and all, to proclaim the truth. Come together, one and all, to throw off your yoke of oppression. Come together, one and all, to seize the destiny of the world! Lead us together into the kingdom of Heaven and drag your brothers and sisters with you! Together we can claim our heritage. Together we can take the world into the glorious future. We can destroy the false idols, remove the haze of the false religions from our minds, open ourselves to the truth and create the entrance to Heaven for all of humanity.

It's time to stop your selfish ways and devote yourself to the betterment of yourself and your brothers and sisters. God's children give meaning to the universe, it is your responsibility to give the universe hope, life and progress. Denounce those who are deluded by false idolaters and selfish motives. Give yourself to the universe.

Remove the haze of faith that hides your reason. Use the spotlight of truth to lead your mind into the kingdom of Heaven. Use faith for what it is worth: a way to direct the gaze onto that which we know to be true so that we can bring into being what we wish to be true. The belief in things that have no proof is unworthy of all. None should admit it and none should celebrate it. Use your God-given abilities to find the truth and seek it out and cling to it. Use it to improve the wellbeing of your sisters and brothers and yourself. Reason builds the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, use your mind to get thee to the country of truth, the kingdom of the enlightened, the land of the joyful and the final resting place of the deserved: the kingdom of Heaven. Come join the Final Great Awakening of the Human Race! [3]

Thanks for reading
Dr. Mike
30 Nov 2017

[1] The supernatural implies that there is something beyond natural, does this mean without cause? For if there is a cause, it can be observed and measured and reproduced. Science, Technology and Engineering. Since there is likely no such thing as the supernatural, most gods must be man-made. This is easy to recognize in the oldest religions (Zeus, Athena, Thor, etc.) and in some of the younger ones. Why should you're religion be different? This is why it is very likely that all gods known to man so far are man-made. This is why the only sane religion is not monotheism but nontheism (secularism.)

[2] "The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason" by Sam Harris

[3] See previous Great Awakenings, beginning with the Reformation by Martin Luther.


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