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Capitalism is not inherently bad, unethical or immoral. Limited Liability Companies? They are the engines that pollute the world.

What is wrong with capitalism? I blame Limited Liability Corporations . Let’s be clear: Corporations are not human beings. Corporations have no conscience. Corporations are immoral, doing whatever it takes to survive. Capitalism tried to harvest that greed to benefit all mankind. Most would say it's been successful; however, without regulations, Corporations will do anything to improve their profits. They will lie, cheat and steal. Corporations will force their costs on anyone they can, refuse to clean up their messes and kill people if it means they will make more profits. They have no other incentive without regulations. As Limited Liability Corporations the owners have no fear of retribution from the state, except to lose their investment. It’s a perfect storm of corruption. Capitalism is designed to harness this immoral greed and attempt to benefit mankind. And it works surprisingly well. The number of people in abject poverty has fallen absolutely in the last few decades. [ UR
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A Modest Proposal for Reparations

 America needs to forgive itself for its original sins of slavery and ghettoization of native Americans. To claim that was a different time and a different set of people is disingenuous. The government aided and abetted these travesties and they need to help alleviate them. So the question is how to do this fairly? Here’s a simple proposal. First we must make some observations: with DNA tracking, we know exactly who your ancestors were. They were either discriminated against or not. And we know the proportions, so we can base the reparations on a standard legal ground. The idea is to take each grouping of families and compare their wealth to the average. We can figure out what the growth rate would need to be to match the wealth of the groups at any time in the future. Pick a time frame to eliminate this systemic racism. Maybe as long as it was in place? About 350 years? So say we plan to be an egalitarian society at that point? That seems ridiculous! How about reversing the last 55 ye

Hacks of System Engineering to Understand Exponential Growth and Vaccine Panic.

Hacks of System Engineering to Understand Exponential Growth and Vaccine Panic. Okay! Today I get to play armchair epidemiologist! But first, let's all learn the Rule of 72! The Rule of 72 is a way to understand exponential growth. Exponential growth is something we see all the time in information technologies. Moore's law [1] is an example. It says that every two years the number of transistors you can fit into a fixed area doubles.  This picture is updated from one of Kurzweill's books: [2]  The Singularity is Near. It shows several things that will become very useful to be able to predict exponential growth rates. There's a linear X-axis that goes in terms of years (it could be any standard increment of time, days, hours, weeks, months, etc. Then there is a Y-axis that is given in powers of 10. Each tick represents 10 times the tick below it. Thus a straight line in this graph is actually an exponential growth curve. For every increment of time you get a multiplicati

It's been fixed! There is no longer an insane narrowing of the 280 Freeway in Santa Clara County.

UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS (8/15/21): They painted the final lines and messed it up again at Pagemill road (going down to three lanes and taking one as a dedicated exit and barely fixed the entry of the diamond lane... so it's still a little bit screwed up at one place... backups will not be eliminated entirely. DOH! It seems the California Department of Transportation has taken my suggestions made four years ago and decided to repave the 280 freeway so that there are four continuous lanes for the entire trip between San Francisco and San Jose.  My last report on this crazy backup causing 'improvement' was here: I pointed out that there was space to stop the backups and increase the traffic flow and was flabbergasted as to why they had designed the freeway to impede traffic flow. Now they've gone back and repaved it and fixed it. I have no need to repaint the lines anymore as the DOT has done it thems

The Final Great Awakening: Religion Without Lies.

  Religion Without Lies: Is this even possible?  Religious symbols from left to right, top to bottom: Christianity , Islam , Hinduism , Buddhism , Judaism , the Baháʼí Faith , Eckankar , Sikhism , Jainism , Wicca , Unitarian Universalism , Shinto , Taoism , Thelema , Tenrikyo , and Zoroastrianism .

The Final Great Awakening

  The Final Great Awakening You are not alone Wherein all humans become enlightened whilst the alien killer robots still appear: The Existential Crises of the Future Human Race. This means you! ----------------------------------------- The Prayer of the Proselytizers ----------------------------------------- Let us pray for the future of the human race. You are responsible for the World You must make it better for Humanity, for Humanity is made up of your brothers and your sister and your cousins. You must throw off the yoke of Evolution by Natural Selection and take control of our future; Ignoring the grip of the Devil of Evolution by Natural Selection, which is the very definition of Evil .  Nature is not your friend.  The Deluded are not your friends.  The Charlatans are not your friends.   Those that force you to use Faith to believe their lies are not your friends.  Their Man-made gods are not your friends. You must learn from your inner truth   You must use your inner truth