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Free Will: What others have thought about it in the past...

The evolution of thought around free will: God : You think therefore you have sinned. Plato : I think I can imagine what is. Renes Descartes : I think therefore I am. Hobbes : I think we're better off together. Adam Smith : We are better off together. Charles Darwin : I think I selected you because you think. Elvis : I think I love you. Mick Jagger : I think I can't get no satisfaction. Pink Floyd : I think it's just one more brick in the wall. Richard Nixon : I think I am not a crook. Daniel Dennett : I think I think therefore I think. Sam Harris : I think therefore I am not really thinking. Christopher Hitchens : I think therefore I need no god. Richard Dawkins : I think because it gives me more descendants. Donald Trump : I think I'm a very smart person Scott Adams: I don't think, I just do. I have no free will... so I can be an a$$hole. It's not my fault! I can't help myself.