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Capitalism is not inherently bad, unethical or immoral. Limited Liability Companies? They are the engines that pollute the world.

What is wrong with capitalism? I blame Limited Liability Corporations . Let’s be clear: Corporations are not human beings. Corporations have no conscience. Corporations are immoral, doing whatever it takes to survive. Capitalism tried to harvest that greed to benefit all mankind. Most would say it's been successful; however, without regulations, Corporations will do anything to improve their profits. They will lie, cheat and steal. Corporations will force their costs on anyone they can, refuse to clean up their messes and kill people if it means they will make more profits. They have no other incentive without regulations. As Limited Liability Corporations the owners have no fear of retribution from the state, except to lose their investment. It’s a perfect storm of corruption. Capitalism is designed to harness this immoral greed and attempt to benefit mankind. And it works surprisingly well. The number of people in abject poverty has fallen absolutely in the last few decades. [ UR