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Proclamations of the Final Great Awakening of the Human Race: The Religion with No Name

0. The Supernatural does not exist. Nature exists. Everything has a cause. Humans have souls. 1. Why would the human race base their lives upon a set of scratchings of paleolithic ancestors that barely knew how to reason and write? 2. Facts can be written down, but facts change, capabilities change, progress happens. Why would one assume that facts don't change unless it is to propagate their control and to selfishly increase it? 3. Science is the basis for determining new knowledge of the rules of the game. History still occurs and may be unknowable, but how to react to history is up to you. 4. Reason is the method to determine your actions and your goals. 5. Faith must be examined in the presence of every new fact. 6. Why would you let something as important as your life go unexamined? 7. Why would you let someone guide your life without examination of thier motives? 8. The Great Works include, but are not limited to: the death of Evolution by Natural Selection, the Gilga