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A Clash of Civilizations

 Samuel P. Huntington was right, there will be and there is a clash of civilizations: He got the major forces completely wrong, though. While in many regions religions fight with each other because they persecute each other, that is laughably wrong on what will mold the future of civilizations.  The main fight is not religion vs. religion, but secularism and democracy vs. cronyism, theocracy, royalty and dictatorships

Do humans take charge of their own governance or are they slaves to the group that happens to have some guns or claim to be able to give you ever-lasting life? I have my preferences. What are yours?

From Wikipedia: Religion (the fake life offerors) has continued to decline, in the US less than half of people are members of any official religion.

Change in religious identification, 1950 - 2020

Percentage of Americans by religious identification (1950 – 2020)[157]

  Christian (nonspecified)

  No Answer

The people will rule. Since 1776 there has been a steady increase in democracy and a steady decrease in religiosity. The people are taking their power from the elites. No more shall anyone be punished for the supposed crime of heresy. There is no such 'crime' (sin?) as apostasy. This is the last dying gasp of a mode of civilization that has been dealt death blows over 150 years ago. During the last great clash between citizens and their repressive elites who tried to enforce feudalism: the civil war of the United States. It did not end well for the farmers and their need for slave labor to thrive. They've been resentful for 150 years, but not only did they lose then, they are losing now. 

Religions have a few fundamental problems which cause their own downfall from within. The fundamental fraud that all religions fall inherent to is the fraud of infallibility. To claim their supremacy for moral decisions, they must claim to be infallible. If not, then they are open to argument, reason and truth; from which they would fail miserably; so they cannot go back on their claims. Thus they cannot change their minds, the model they build will invariably be wrong, so they must claim faith is the only way to show they are legitimate. Faith: the ability to claim to believe in things you cannot prove. They bend and twist the meaning of faith to imply it means believing in things that are untrue. This is why they will not stand as a legitimate societal institution. When your entire institution is based on a lie, it will eventually collapse.

Democracies are inherently safer than autocracies because of the extra effort that must be spent to convince the government to do anything. If the government does anything the people don't like, in a democracy, there's a legal, non-violent way to change it. In an autocracy, it's only about what the autocrats want. There is no accountability. This is dangerous. Look at the rate of wars democratic countries have been in versus autocratic countries. Essentially, democracies do not go to war against each other, autocracies do it all the time. Democracies aren't saints, democracies tend to fight autocracies.

However, the long march of history is clear: towards more democracy and less religion. 

The human race is making progress.

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