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Proclamations of the Final Great Awakening of the Human Race: The Religion with No Name

0. The Supernatural does not exist. Nature exists. Everything has a cause. Humans have souls.
1. Why would the human race base their lives upon a set of scratchings of paleolithic ancestors that barely knew how to reason and write?
2. Facts can be written down, but facts change, capabilities change, progress happens. Why would one assume that facts don't change unless it is to propagate their control and to selfishly increase it?
3. Science is the basis for determining new knowledge of the rules of the game. History still occurs and may be unknowable, but how to react to history is up to you.
4. Reason is the method to determine your actions and your goals.
5. Faith must be examined in the presence of every new fact.
6. Why would you let something as important as your life go unexamined?
7. Why would you let someone guide your life without examination of thier motives?
8. The Great Works include, but are not limited to: the death of Evolution by Natural Selection, the Gilgamesh project (ever-lasting life), the Nerd Rapture (creation of heaven), Universal Expansion of life and Rationalism: the Final Great Awakening of the Human Race. All depend upon the continual progress provided to us by Science. But Science is not enough.
9. Stop deluding yourself and examine claims that are presented to you: What? Why? Who benifits? What is your benifit? What will happen if everyone believes and acts upon this?
10. The morals and ethics given to us by Evolution are selfish and evil. The only thing they respond to is survival.
11. Science can lead us to the most advantageous moral and ethical code for the individual and for the human race.
12. Technology is the creation of a new set of capabilities that can be derived from Scientific knowledge.
13. Engineering is the increase in productivity of existing Technologies and the reduction to practice of newly invented Technologies.
14. Capitalism is a method to deploy the productivity and new capability gains from Engineering to the human race.
15. Government is the method that groups of humans use to maximize and ensure the fair distribution of the gains from Capitalism as well as to contain the use of force and increase safety of each other.
16. Freedom of religion demands the elimination of heresy. Claiming otherwise is a logical fallacy and our reason makes this unacceptable.
17. Fairness can be defined by assuming the tenet that 'everyone is created equal' in the eyes of the law (and of the people: the people agree to follow the law or pay the consequences as agreed to with the government) and following this tenet to set a requirement on every law passed that it treat people equally no matter who they are.
18. Capitalism definitely treats people differently based on what they own, but should never treat people differently depending on who their ancestors were.
19. You have no choice on who your ancestors were.
20. You can help choose your descendants.
21. The people must agree on their own form of government.
22. The elimination of heresy makes for a potentially peacefully society.
23. The right to disseminate information (free speech) must not be abridged.
24. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are sacrosanct rights that all humankind possess.
25. Groups of people must consent to be governed.
26. Religions are the way evolution has extended itself to use and control the meme-space to manipulate some genes chance of survival.
27. Culture is a common set of assumptions and accepted methods to act in any situation.
28. The first singularity was the Big Bang. This made it possbile to create information. Something was somewhere at some time and had some properties. All things that can be described with numbers and equations. This is what Newtonian Physics describes.
29. Quantum Physics describes reality one additional layer away. However, still using time it describes what happens between measurements and it only predicts a probability of some information (some property that can be represented by a number) existing at a certain time and place.
30. The second singularity was the invention of life: single celled life. This is what allows evolution to begin. Information is now replicated, nature begins to have a data bank that describes how it works. (For instance, your DNA contains about 1 GB of information)
31. The third singularity was language. Humans could talk to each other and send information from here to there and towards any time. The amount of information that could be transmitted by language is about 100 KB/day * 365 days/year * 30 years per generation = 1 GB, the same amount of information we carry in our DNA.
32. The fourth singularity is ongoing: reading and writing. Now any information can be anywhere at any time. A 400 page book contains about 1 MB of information. A thousand books, a very small library contain more information than an entire lifetime of talk or our entire genome. Now we have 6 TB disks that can hold 6000 copies of your DNA. A GB of data storage is now essentially free.
33. The fifth singularity will be when we can create conscious artificial intelligence. Evolution can do it, so can we.
34. The Gilgamesh project, increasing the useful human lifespan, will never end.
35. The sixth singularity will be the Nerd Rapture: it will allow you to recreate the soul, your consciousness with your memories, into whatever environment it wishes, even Heaven.
36. The human race must become multi-planetary or it will not survive.
37. The human race will continue to expand until other life forces us to stop.
38. We require renewable energy as fossil fuels will not be enough to power our progress in the near future.
39. God reveals himself all the time, yet he has never revealed himself to us.
40. Another of the Great Works is to recognize reality for what it is: Science.
41. Secular Humanism is a philosophy not a religion because it does not assume anything supernatural about God. This religion with No Name which is concerned with the Final Great Awakening of the Human Race is related to but is not Secular Humanism.
42. Reasoning by logic is different from reasoning by analogy, the latter is typically wrong.
43. Faith is the abiliity to belive in things that you cannot prove.
44. Persuasion instead of violence is the most progressive, efficient and likely manner to solve problems.
45. If nature were a person we would consider them evil.
46. If Evolution by Natural Selection were a person we would consider them evil.
47. Reasoning and Science can determine the rules of reality.
48. The rules of reality have always come out to be the same no matter where we look at them.
49. Mathematics is the language of the Universe.
50. Quantum Mechanics and reality have never been shown to disagree.
51. The Correspondence Principle describes the realtionship between Quantum and Classical Mechanics.
52. Emergent properties are derived from but not prescribed by the underlying systems. Different organizations of the underlying systems can produce different emergent properties. Different systems can produce the same emergent property.
53. There is Free Will.
54. If evolution can produce consciousness, so can we. Consciousness is an emergent property.
55. The human mind consists of two systems: they can be labeled fast and slow. Fast are typical neural nets that give an output dependent on the input and have feedback systems to change their configuration. Copies of these types of systems now run our world in the large. The second system is consciousness. This system can model arbitrary systems.
56. Consciousness must be taught how to percieve reality and model reality accurately. It is much harder than you think.
57. Since persuasion is the only ethical form of power, everyone must be taught its use, its effects and its consequences.
58. Humans have taken more rights to be unalienable, including but not limited to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. See the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
59. Freedom of religion, banishment of heresy and free speech without fear of reprisal by governments and the right to defend these rights with force are inalienable rights.
60. Feudalism, Communism and Cults of Personality (among others) are philosophies that have failed the human race.
61,. A lawful democracy with freedom of religion and speech is the most moral goverment in existence at the present time.
62. The people must be ever vigilant to ensure that tyrants do not encroach upon their rights.
63. It is time for the Final Great Awakening of humankind.
64. Is it time to throw off the evil yoke of Nature and Evolution by Natural Descent.
65. It is time to create a moral and ethical system based upon reality.
66. It is time to take the principles outlined here and build a religion based upon reality to benefit all of humankind.
67. This religion requires faith in what has been revealed to us about reality by Science.
68. This religion requires faith that together humankind can find God.
69. This religion requires faith that transforming the universe via the Great Works is the destiny of humankind.
70. This religion requires faith in progress.
71. This religion will require great sacrifices, perseverance and toil.
72. This religion is not for the faint-hearted, the weak or the hesitant.
73. This religion gives the human race its rightful place in the universe.
74. Without this religion the human race wanders under the evils of Evolution by Natural Selection towards its eventual death and destruction.
75. Without this religion the human race allows the false gods and their priests to manipulate them into slavery and subservience.
76. Without this religion the human race will perish.
77. The revelations that found this religion will be apparent to all who look, they are self-evident, independent of history and easily reproducable by anyone who can reason.
78. This religion does not banish the mystical, it embraces, engulfs and tames the unknown.
79. This religion does not banish the spiritual, it embraces, engulfs and tames the unknown.
80. While all pervious religions claim to be perfect and true, this religion only claims to be true and to strive for perfection.
81. This religion will have No Name, but all who follow it will be evident to their neighbors and will be fulfilled by the glory of the Great Works.
82. This religion will prove other religions have tenants that are false, immoral and naive and should be shunned, thus it will be attacked from fear as it will cause the collapse of the false religions and those who depend upon them.
83. Despite the adversity, this religion is the last, best hope for the human race.
84. The struggle will have many setbacks but we must be ever faithful that the destination is correct, the universe can be tamed and God will be found.
85. Amen to the religion with No Name.


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